36th Universal Periodic Review: UK statement on Libya

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Rita French

The United Kingdom welcomes positive steps by the Libyan Government, including support to the Fact Finding Mission, but remains gravely concerned by the deteriorating human rights situation. Indiscriminate attacks, unlawful killings, sexual and gender-based violence, risks to migrants and refugees and the silencing of journalists, activists and human rights defenders remain concerning. We urge the Government to do its part to commit to implementing the ceasefire and to the UN-led political process.

We recommend that the Government of Libya:

  1. End exploitation of migrants and refugees in detention centres, working towards closing and transitioning away from detention centres.

  2. Ensure the full, equal and effective participation of women in conflict resolution and decision-making, and tackle sexual and gender-based violence.

  3. Facilitate unrestricted/unfettered access for and cooperate fully with the Fact Finding Mission throughout Libya.

Thank you.

Published 11 November 2020

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