Architecture, Art and Artificial Intelligence In New Online Game

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Will Alsop, Victor Horta, Charles Mackintosh & More Inspire Architectural Assets In New AI Game 

New York’s Metropolitan Museum and US National Gallery Of Art raided adding 4000 artworks to Occupy White Walls’ catalogue

A new architecture online game enables players to design test and build their own art gallery from scratch, and then use artificial intelligence to curate and display an art collection raided from New York’s Metropolitan Museum and the US National Gallery Of Art. The AI is called DAISY. The game is called Occupy White Walls. See a video of the game play here.

Currently users are adding the equivalent of three Tate Modern’s per week in virtual gallery space to Occupy White Walls.
The Louis Vuitton Family House, Horta’s Hôtel Tassel, the Mackintosh Building of the Glasgow School of Art, and Palacio da Bolsa are just a few of the real world sources of inspiration for the vast collection of virtual architectural assets players can choose from when building their Occupy White Walls gallery.
Online gamers are being inspired to curate, contribute and critique works of art via a new artificial-intelligence-powered massively multiplayer online game (MMO).
In just its second week, Occupy White Walls has achieved the following:

  • Over 4000 works of art have been assessed by the AI. The art comes from the catalogues of New York’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art and emerging artists uploading their works to new online game Occupy White Walls;
  • 9672 current players of Occupy White Walls;
  • Over 70000 hours of game play, so an average gameplay time per player of over 7 hours;
  • 3,842,224 square metres of Virtual Art Gallery space created by players so far.

Architectural Assets Inspired By Renowned Real World Structures 
The Louis Vuitton Family House, Horta’s Hôtel Tassel, the Mackintosh Building of the Glasgow School of Art, and Palacio da Bolsa are just a few of the real world sources of inspiration for the vast collection of virtual architectural assets players can choose from when build their Occupy White Walls gallery. 

Players can choose from over 1,500 assets including Will Alsop-esque columns, Parisienne Metro Station staircases and steam powered elevators from Saint Petersburg. They can choose walls, arches, trees, doorways, cabinets, and even bars to create spaces for socialising and discussing art. Over time, more architectural styles and assets are being introduced into the game enabling professional and amateur architects to use Occupy White Walls as a creative canvas to execute their ideas for museums, galleries, exhibitions and displays, unhindered by physical limitations or planning permissions. 
Occupy White Walls’ Gameplay
Unlike most online catalogues of art, Occupy White Walls isn’t a boring click-through of two-dimensional images on a website. It’s a three-dimensional, immersive aesthetic experience that harnesses gamers’ desire for agency, adventure and exploration. It delivers the feeling of serendipity and “chill” that can only be experienced by wandering around a museum to be suddenly confronted by the alluring beauty of Singer Sargent’s Madame X, Degas’ Ballerinas or Monet’s Water Lilies.
Like other MMOs, Occupy White Walls is a social experience. Players are never alone. They can go on a quest for interesting art together. They can see, chat to and interact with other players whilst wandering around the virtual galleries, debating and appreciating art together. The detailed labels next to each artwork are enriched by players who contribute their comments, interpretations, perspectives and, most importantly, their questions about each work of art. In the near future they’ll be able to collaborate on building galleries and whole museums together.
Each player earns in-game currency when other players visit and enjoy their exhibition. They can then use the currency to develop their gallery by buying more space, architectural assets and, of course, more art. However, all artworks are cost exactly the same price in Occupy White Walls so players focus on what moves them, rather than being influenced by any perceived value of the “art market”.
Occupy White Walls is free to play once downloaded from Keen and creative gamers can get early access to the most recent version at Steam.
Gamers enjoying the art, artists enjoying the game
University of Essex’s Honorary Professor of Computer Game Design, Dr Richard Bartle, said, “Occupy White Walls is a virtual world unlike any other. Yes, it’s an online, physical space shared in real time, just like all the rest, but where it’s different is that it’s not about online – it’s about offline. It needs to exist because the real world does art and artists a tremendous disservice”
University College London researcher Suzanne Keene, author of a report on the use of collections in the UK, identified that consumers would like museums to better publicise what is in their collections, preferably online, at least at collection description level.
“Many gamers are turning to Occupy White Walls because it’s a refreshing change from competitive violence. Occupy White Walls is an online game where art is the quest and self-expression the reward. It’s about creation, not destruction. ” said Yarden Yaroshevski, Founder and CEO of StikiPixels, the company developing Occupy White Walls.
“Artists are also using Occupy White Walls as a way to build their profile. Curators, architects, gallery and museum staff can use the game to explore new and creative ways to present art to the public. The artificial intelligence, DAISY, treats emerging and established artists with the same respect. She will recommend artists’ work – famous or not – to people she predicts will be interested. All rights to the art remain the artists. All DAISY cares about is finding it a following.”

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