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The report provides detail on emissions trends, including sector specific analysis of factors driving emissions. These projections update the baseline projections in Australia’s emissions projections 2016. A further update to the Projections will include emission trajectories under different sensitivities, projected estimates of abatement from existing Australian Government emissions reduction measures including results from the 6th Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction, detailed description of the methodologies applied and key data inputs to the projections.

Tracking to Australia’s emissions reduction targets fact sheet provides an overview and summary of the report.

The Methodology for the 2017 Projections document provides information on how the Department of the Environment and Energy has estimated the 2017 projections of greenhouse gas emissions. This methodology has been prepared in response to the Australian National Audit Office’s recommendation to expand the release of emissions projections information including key data inputs, assumptions, formulas and methods.

Further information

Note that Figure 4 in Australia’s Emissions Projections 2017 and the associated chart data include an error which shows the 2016 emissions projection at 616 Mt CO2-e in 2030 rather the correct value of 592 Mt CO2-e . To obtain the 2016 emissions projections results, please see Australia’s Emissions Projections 2016.

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