Biographical notes – Perry Calderwood and Patrick Parisot

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Perry Calderwood (BA Hons [Soviet and East European Studies], Carleton University, 1983; MA [International Affairs], Carleton University, 1986) joined the Department of External Affairs in 1986. During his time at Headquarters, he has served as director for Eastern and Southern Africa and deputy to the personal representative of the prime minister for Africa (2004 to 2007), as deputy director of the United Nations and Commonwealth Affairs Division (1998 to 2000) and in the Arms Control and Disarmament Division (1989 to 1992). Abroad, he has served in New York City, Bogotá, Moscow, Buenos Aires and Pretoria. He was ambassador to Venezuela (2007 to 2010) and to Senegal (2010 to 2013), high commissioner in Nigeria (2013 to 2016) and, most recently, high commissioner in Pakistan (2016 to 2018).

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