Simon J Brand, of Station Road, Surfleet, Lincolnshire left his boat unregistered on the River Glen at Surfleet on 3 July 2019.

He was convicted in his absence by Lincoln Magistrates Court on 4 March 2021. As a result he was fined £440, with costs of £250, compensation £198.76 and victim surcharge £44. His court appearance was delayed due to the pandemic.

The income from registration charges contributes to the services, facilities and structures the Environment Agency provides to make boating possible on its waterways. This includes maintenance of locks, moorings, slipways and many other navigation structures.

Vessels that are not registered may not have Boat Safety Scheme Certification and therefore could be a hazard to other boaters and visitors on our Waterways. These vessels could also pose a pollution risk to the local environment and wildlife.

Nathan Arnold, a waterways team leader for the Environment Agency, said:

Everyone boating or paddling along waterways can feel proud they are contributing to protecting and improving rivers through their registration charge fee.

As this result shows, failing to register a vessel on the Environment Agency waterways can lead to a criminal record and a fine of up to £1000.

We are a month into the new boating season (April 1) so urge vessel owners to make sure they have correctly registered their vessels so they don’t find themselves with a fine.

People should remember to register any vessel that is kept on an Environment Agency waterway, or they will face enforcement action.

Anyone who comes across a vessel on Environment Agency waterways that they suspect is unregistered, is encouraged to report it by calling 03708 506 506. Your details will remain anonymous.

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    Boater fined for not registering boat

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