Call for evidence: Second Annual Inspection of ‘Adults at Risk’ in immigration detention

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In 2018, following two reviews by Stephen Shaw, the Home Secretary commissioned ICIBI to carry out an annual inspection of how the ‘Adults at Risk in immigration detection’ policy was working. My first annual report was published in April 2020, and I am now beginning my second inspection, which will cover the period 1 April 2019 to 30 September 2020, in order to take account of changes made in response to COVID-19.

This call is open to everyone and I am keen to receive evidence from the widest possible range of contributors, but especially from organisations and professionals that work with detainees and from individuals who have been detained. But, please note that my remit does not extend to investigating or making decisions about individual cases. This remains a Home Office responsibility.

Evidence in relation to the following areas would be particularly welcome:

  • Changes (positive and negative) Home Office policy and practice since the first ‘Adults at Risk’ inspection, including in response to the recommendations in the first report
  • The structure and application of safeguards in detention, such as the Detention Gatekeeper and the Rule 35 process
  • The identification, management and safeguarding of vulnerable foreign nationals held in prisons under immigration powers
  • Potential “quick wins”
  • Areas requiring more detailed examination and analysis.

Please feel free to raise any other points you consider relevant.

The deadline for contributions is 14th September. If you will have difficulty responding by this date but would like to contribute, please contact the inspection team via the link below.

How to respond

Please click here to email your submission to the Chief Inspector by 14th September 2020.

Please note:

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we need your permission to process and retain the information you submit in your submission, by clicking here a consent statement will automatically be added to your email.

However if you are using a non-compatible email client then please send your submission to with ‘ Adults at risk evidence submission’ in the subject line and include the following consent statement in the body of your email, ‘I consent to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration retaining and processing the information and data in this email.’

Please do not include this statement if you do not wish to give your consent. The information you submit may be quoted in the final inspection report, but it is the ICIBI’s practice not to name sources and to anonymise as much as possible any examples or case studies.


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