The government is launching a call for views on the changes made to Section 72 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 in 2016. This is part of a post implementation review of the legislation. The Secretary of State has a statutory obligation to review the Regulations within five years of the legislation coming into force.  

Section 72 creates an exception to copyright infringement that permits free showing of a broadcast and certain copyright elements. It applies only in places where the public has free access. The Copyright (Free Public Showing or Playing) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 amended Section 72 by removing “film” from the list of exceptions.

The changes to Section 72 concern all premises that may show broadcast material but do not charge for public access. These may include retailers, hospitality, community spaces, gyms, voluntary centres, hospitals, charities, and some workplaces. It also affects some rights holders, their representatives and licensing bodies.

We are seeking evidence and views on the effect of the changes to Section 72. We know that this matter will be of interest to a wide range of groups and we strongly encourage anyone affected by the Regulations to participate. This will allow us to consider the issues fully.

This call for views will run for 10 weeks and we are looking for evidence-based responses. The government will then publish a review based on evidence submitted through the call for views later this year. The report will consider whether the regulation remains fit for purpose.

Please see Section 72 CDPA post implementation review: Call for views to find out more information and to respond to the call for views.

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    Call for views published on s72 CDPA

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