Change of British High Commissioner to Rwanda: Omar Daair

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Year Role 2019 to 2020 Department for International Development (DFID), Head of Europe Department 2018 to 2019 FCO/DFID, Private Secretary to the Minister for Africa 2017 Cabinet Office, Senior Policy Adviser, National Security Capabilities Review, National Security Secretariat 2014 to 2016 FCO, Deputy Head, Africa (East and West) Department 2011 to 2014 Washington, First Secretary – Africa, UN and Conflict issues 2010 to 2011 Juba, Head of British Embassy Office 2008 to 2010 FCO, Head of NATO policy team 2005 to 2008 Khartoum, Senior Political Officer and Head of Press 2004 to 2005 Full-time Language Training (Arabic) 2002 to 2003 FCO, Desk Officer, Southern European Department

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