Civil news: avoid delays to single counsel family notifications

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We need your help to ensure all the necessary information is being submitted when notifying us that a single counsel family case is high cost.

Why are you telling us this now?

A lot of information is being missed out when notifications are submitted in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

What does this mean?

The Very High Cost Case team is having to make enquiries to fill in the missing information. This inevitably causes delays.

What sort of information is missing?

When making your notification in CCMS that a case is high cost you should check that you have confirmed:

  1. case is still ongoing

  2. actual or projected costs calculated at prescribed rates will exceed £25k

  3. current costs

  4. whether the case falls under the Care Case Fee Scheme (CCFS) or relates to other proceedings

  5. if the case falls outside CCFS, whether application is being made for it to be considered under the scheme

  6. in a single counsel case, whether application is being made for the case to be treated on an exceptional basis

You should note that only cases subject to CCFS can access the immediate cost increase to £32,500 upon presentation of the signed contract documentation.

Support is available

Training and detailed guidance is available on GOV.UK if you need to check you are following the notification process correctly.

Further information

Family high cost cases – to find out more about the notification process and view training modules

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