Civil news: face-to-face education and discrimination training

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Training materials are now available on GOV.UK to prepare providers for the delivery of face-to-face services in education and discrimination in September 2019.

The training has been specially designed for providers who have successfully tendered for contracts to deliver face-to-face services in education and discrimination. The new contracts begin on 1 September 2019.

Contracts are based on the terms of the 2018 Standard Civil Contract. We are advising that the new training slides should be read alongside the training content already provided on GOV.UK for the 2018 Standard Civil Contract.

The new materials:

  1. set out any differences in the new contracts from the rules in the 2018 Standard Civil Contract’s standard terms and general specification

  2. outline the category specific rules for discrimination and education

Background to new contracts

The new contracts are part of preparations in anticipation of the removal of the CLA mandatory telephone gateway in the spring of 2020. Making these awards now will ensure continuity of service for civil legal services.

Starting in September 2019 prospective clients will still need to contact the CLA operator service or use the digital CLA service. However, potentially eligible clients seeking help in education or discrimination will have greater freedom to access face-to-face advice. This will mean discussing suitable options with a CLA specialist telephone advice provider.

Once the mandatory telephone gateway has been removed from legislation in 2020 all clients will be able to contact face-to-face providers directly.

Further information

Standard Civil Contract 2018 – scroll down to download training content

Civil legal aid services from September 2019

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