Civil news: housing and debt telephone advice services tender

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We are inviting organisations to submit tenders through the e-Tendering system for a 2018 Civil Legal Advice (CLA) contract.

This is to deliver CLA specialist telephone advice services in housing and debt.

The LAA is seeking to award a single contract through this procurement process, in addition to the two existing contracts which will continue.

The contract will be offered for an initial period until 31 August 2021. This is subject to the LAA’s rights of early termination and the right to extend.

How can I tender?

Tenders must be submitted using the LAA’s e-Tendering system – see below. A link is also available on the tender pages of the LAA website.

If you wish to tender then you must submit a response to both the:

  1. selection questionnaire (SQ)

  2. invitation to tender (ITT)

Tender deadline

The deadline for submitting tenders is 12 noon on 22 November 2019.

Tenders will be assessed both on quality and price.

Further information

Specialist telephone advice in housing and debt – to find out more and download the Information for Applicants document

e-Tendering system – to submit your tender

Published 23 October 2019

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