Civil news: tender opportunity for housing and debt work

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A tender opened on 22 September 2020 for the delivery of housing and debt services in 15 procurement areas. It closes at 5pm on 22 October 2020.

These are the areas:

  1. Bury

  2. Calderdale

  3. City of Kingston upon Hull

  4. Dorset

  5. Doncaster

  6. East Riding of Yorkshire

  7. Hartlepool

  8. Leicestershire and Rutland

  9. North Hertfordshire

  10. Shropshire

  11. Somerset

  12. South Tyneside

  13. Warrington & Halton

  14. Wigan

  15. Wirral

There is no limit on the number of contracts that can be awarded in a procurement area.

Who can bid?

This opportunity is open to 2018 Standard Civil Contract holders. You can tender if you meet the requirements for one of 2 routes:

Route 1

You meet the full minimum requirements to hold authorisation in the housing and debt category of law. This includes employing a full-time equivalent (FTE) supervisor who meets the housing and debt supervisor standard.

Route 2

You currently hold authorisation to deliver family, community care or mental health contract work. You are able to meet the ‘exceptional circumstances’ housing and debt supervisor standard.

Length of contracts

Contracts will be offered from 1 December 2020 until 31 August 2021.

How do I tender?

Tenders must be submitted using the LAA’s e-Tendering system.

Tender deadline

The tender opens on 22 September 2020 and closes at 5pm on 22 October 2020.

Further information

Civil tender activity 2020 – to find out more and download the Information For Applicants document

e-Tendering system – to submit your tender

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