Civil news: updated contract schedules from 1 September 2019

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We will be issuing new civil contract schedules by the end of July to take effect from 1 September 2019.

These will replace the current first year schedules for the 2018 Standard Civil Contract. These remain valid until 31 August 2019. All schedules will run for 12 months.

Where to find new schedules

You will be able to view the new schedules in Contracted Work and Administration (CWA). As indicated above we aim to upload the schedules late July 2019 although you will not need to use them until October.

Reporting work

Work completed in September can be reported from 1 October 2019.

Matter start allocations

In most cases, your matter starts will reflect the allocation you bid for in the original tender.

Where you have self-granted an additional 50% of matter starts, you will receive this increased allocation.

You may have bid in the original tender for additional miscellaneous matter starts to advise victims of human trafficking/modern slavery. If so you will receive the allocation of 20 additional matter starts again.

Providers will be able self-grant a further 50% matter starts in the second year of the contract.

If providers have any questions about their new schedules they should raise these in the first instance with their contract manager.

Further information

LAA Online Portal – to log into Contracted Work and Administration

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