The bank, downstream of the road bridge, is not a formal flood defence but if further erosion occurs it could impact the riverside footpath and gardens to the rear of Rocksprings Crescent, as well as flood defences further downstream.

On Wednesday, 26 May, Haydon Bridge Parish Council visited the site to see how the work is progressing.

They met with Environment Agency project manager Tom Pitman to find out more about the repairs and how they will protect the village’s flood defences. The project involves strengthening the river bank below the riverside footpath and then re-planting with trees to further stabilise it.

It’s expected to be completed in mid-summer if weather conditions remain fair.

The Environment Agency is also taking precautions to minimise disruption to the local environment. Fish were safely removed from the affected area prior to the work taking place and fish passage is being maintained at all times.

Once the river bank repairs are completed the Environment Agency also plans to raise the existing flood wall and replace the flood bank to better protect properties at Brigwood.

Important for work to be completed

Tom Pitman said:

We recognise it’s important for residents of Haydon Bridge for this work to be completed as soon as possible and we’ve been keeping the community updated with progress.

I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to meet with the parish council to show them the work taking place on site, explain what is happening in more detail and how it will protect the flood defences, as well as discuss planned work to take place in the future at Brigwood.

The restricted access to the area means much of the repair work will have to be done from within the river. This presents a risk to our team, who have already had to temporarily pause work for a time due to the unseasonable weather in May, which we’ve explained to the parish council.

Also on site was Flood Community Engagement Officer Colin Hall who spoke to councillors about the importance of flood resilience and being prepared for flooding.

Flood resilience measures, such as signing up to the free Flood Warning Service and creating a personal flood plan can reduce the impact of flooding on residents and businesses.

For more information visit the check your flood risk pages or email

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    Councillors visit vital Northumberland river bank repairs

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