Defence Approaches Market for Leased Office Accommodation

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11 April 2019

The Department of Defence is approaching the property market for leased office accommodation solutions for existing Defence requirements in Canberra.

Several Defence office accommodation leases in Canberra, including the Campbell Park Offices lease, are expiring by 2022.

A competitive lease procurement process will be undertaken for up to 65,000m2 of office accommodation to ensure value-for-money solutions to meet Defence’s accommodation requirements. No decision has been made ahead of this process to relocate from existing leased office locations.

The approach to market will be managed in accordance with the Commonwealth Property Management Framework.

Several factors, including proximity to Commonwealth-owned Defence office locations, accessibility to public transport, staff amenity and environmental performance will be taken into account throughout the process.

Defence will release its requirements through AusTender and looks forward to receiving submissions from industry to support Defence capability through the provision of office accommodation solutions.

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