Failure to pay taxes lands recruiter with ban

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BDO Management Services Limited was incorporated in April 2016, upon which Dimitar Kolev (32) from Plodiv, Bulgaria, was appointed sole director.

The company operated as an employment agency for several industries, including fire protection, asbestos consultancy and hospitality, from premises in Broxbourne and began trading shortly after inception.

Just over a year later, however, the company entered into a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation in June 2017 after BDO Management Services agreed terms with its creditors.

The liquidation of BDO Management Services brought the company to the attention of the Insolvency Service, who uncovered that Dimitar Kolev had failed to ensure BDO Management Services made the correct tax payments throughout the life of the company.

This included more than £210,000 tax contributions taken from the pay cheques of employees the company had found work for, as well as goods and services tax worth over £60,000.

Investigators also looked at the company’s bank accounts, which showed that half-a-million pounds had been paid out of BDO Management Service’s bank account but no payments had been made to the tax authorities.

On 19 February 2020, Deputy District Judge Duncan, sitting in the County Court at Hertford, made a four-year disqualification order against Dimitar Kolev and awarded costs of £3,211.98. Dimitar Kolev was not in court to receive his disqualification

Effective from 11 March 2020, he is banned from acting as a director or directly or indirectly becoming involved, without the permission of the court, in the promotion, formation or management of a company.

Lawrence Zussman, Deputy Head of Insolvent Investigations for the Insolvency Service, said:

As a company director, Dimitar Kolev had a duty to ensure BDO Management Services paid the correct amount of tax but clearly he didn’t take his responsibilities as a director seriously.

Much of the public service is funded by the correct amount of taxes being paid and by removing Dimitar Kolev from the business environment will protect the public from further harm.

notes to editors

Mr Dimitar Kolev is from Plodiv, Bulgaria, and his date of birth is June 1987

BDO MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD (Company number: 10135701)

Persons subject to a disqualification order are bound by a range of other restrictions.

Further information about the work of the Insolvency Service, and how to complain about financial misconduct, is available.

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