It will include a series of online events that will address the promotion of human rights and their link to improve the business environment; with the support of private sector, civil society and other key stakeholders involved in fostering prosperity in Guatemala.

The webinars will focus on generating discussions around current relevant topics: climate change, fostering inclusion policies and efforts to promote transparency and fighting corruption from the business sector.

As the conference of parties COP26 approaches, it is important to reflect upon the linkages between climate change, business and human rights. During this session, the experts will explain the importance of recent judicial environmental sentences, the impact of business operations and the importance of the participation of the private sector in tackling climate change.

For a second occasion, the impact of corruption and the lack of transparency in human rights will be discussed. The discussion will explore proactive ways in which business can respond to corrupt practices and will portrait an example of a regional organization sharing its experience on improving transparency.

The responsibility that business has in understanding and approaching the way their actions, omissions and commercial affairs can impact people will be discussed. It will focus on how businesses can understand the vulnerabilities that LGBT+ people can experience, in order to better identify risks.

Through these events, the UK seeks to put relevant topics in the business and human rights agenda in Guatemala. The importance dialogue and concrete efforts from different sectors to foster prosperity and respecting human rights.

Nick Whittingham, British Ambassador in Guatemala, said:

Currently a lot is expected from private business from civil society and the government. They must be held accountable for actions that their operations have in people, and this is what we want to share with businesses in Guatemala.

To follow the activities of the fourth Business and Human Rights Week in Guatemala please join our social media channels in Facebook and Twitter.

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    Fourth Business and Human Rights Week

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