How The Public Interest works

The Public Interest is an open-source public relations news site.

The goal: To enable PR professionals to contribute more balance than bias to news.

How? All press releases are open to edits and augmentations from other PR professionals.

Editing a press release: Once signed up, any PR professional will be able to edit any press release on the site, whether it be their own, or submitted by an other public relations professional. All edits will require approval by a moderator and must adhere to the guidelines for editing.

Submitting a press release: Once signed up, any PR professional will be able to submit press release directly. Press releases can also be submitted through the “Submissions” form on the site.

Fact-checking: PR professionals can check facts or suggest edits using an inline commenting system. Appropriate facts will be incorporated into the articles by the moderators.

All versions of the Press Release will remain live on the site, via a “Revision History” feature. Every edit creates a new version of the press release or article. The previous version will be stored on the site and will be accessible from the foot of the article. Journalists and readers can review the latest edit as well as previous edits to see how the news has been changed, and balance introduced.

All edits will have to adhere to the style guide of the site. Nothing will be deleted from an existing article. Headlines can not be changed. All edits must clearly state who has made them.

The result: All of the information from all sides of the discussion in one place, directly from those involved.

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