User Guide

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Directly submit a news release to

Simply click on the “Submit Press Release” button at the top of the screen or click on this link. You will immediately be taken to the editing screen.

The headline should be written in downstyle capitalisation, and should be placed in the “Headline” editing block.

All remaining text (the body of your article) can be directly copied and pasted into the editing block, either pre-stylised or changed using the editing features provided.

Images can be added by clicking on the “Media” meta box, and should be uploaded from your computer before being inserted into the body of the text.

Don’t forget to specify which image you would like as the “Featured Image” (the image that appears on links to your news release). This is done by clicking on the “Featured Image” metabox on the bottom right of the editing screen (the very last box as you scroll down).

You can save and preview your post by clicking the clearly marked buttons in the “Publish” metabox to the right of text editing block. It is recommended you preview your post before publishing so that you have an idea what your finished post will look right. When you are ready to upload, simply click on “Submit for Review”.

News releases currently need to be approved by an editor to reduce any spam or duplicate content, but once you have shown yourself to be a valuable member of community you will be allowed to publish your own news releases unmoderated.

Editing a News Release on

You can edit a news release by clicking on the “Edit News Release” button that can found on the bar at the top of the page on any news release, and also under the Revision History at the bottom of every news release. Both of these will take you immediately to the editing screen.

Edits can be immediately made to the body of the article as above, but it should be clear that this is a new addition to the article.

Quotes in edits can be made to stand out as “right to reply” sections by using blockquotes. In order to use blockquotes, first input your preamble (which can be as simple as “Dr A.N. Other responded”). You can then add blockquotes using the blockquote button on the editor bar (symbolised by a large quotation mark).

Images can be added during edits by using the Media metabox as above.

Posts can be saved and previewed before submitting. It is recommended you preview your post before publishing, so that you know what it will looks like. When you are satisfied with your edit, simply click on “Suggest Edit” in the “Publish” metabox.

Edits will need to be approved by an editor. Sometimes you will find other edits have been made but not yet approved, or are being made simultaneously to your own. This is normal, and our moderators can see who is responsible for specific content being added even if multiple edits are submitted at the same time. Simply continue with your own edits. You will also be able to browse different edits in the revision history screen to the right hand side of the editing screen.


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