The JNCBVP received a donation of a fully equipped fire engine with all firefighting equipment, as well as a breathing apparatus and hydraulic rescue equipment (Jaws of Life). This refurbished equipment comes from IFRA, an organization based in Scotland. The occasion marks the 100th time the IFRA donated to an organization around the world.

To celebrate this milestone, the JNCBVP hosted an event at their headquarters in the city of Luque. Her Majesty’s Ambassador Ramin Navai participated in the event, as well as members of the British Community in Paraguay and the Europe Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As part of the ceremony, the head of the JNCVBP Brig. Gen. Gustavo Alcaraz and Brig. Gen. Yeny Sosa received the keys to the fire engine. This truck will go to the city of Ybycui, located 120 km away from Asunción, in the department of Paraguari. After the event, the JNCBVP offered a tour of the facilities and other donations sent by IFRA in prior occasions.

Close-up shot of the fire engine, painted in red with details and a yellow stripe

The fire engine truck will find a new home in Ybycui, Paraguari

In the words of Brig. Gen. Gustavo Alcaraz:

The JNCBVP receives support from the IFRA since 2004. Many of us have been to the UK for training, and routinely receive training and equipment.”

We are grateful for this donation from IFRA, and for the growing support from the British Embassy in Asuncion and from government.

During the event, HMA Ramin Navai said to the firefighters:

I’m proud of this collaboration between the UK and Paraguay. This continued support will help continue saving lives and aiding communities around Paraguay.

You are the heroes of this country.

David Kay OBE, director and chairman of the IFRA, said:

It was a great honour for IFRA to be able to send the 100th vehicle that we have sent worldwide to Paraguay. (. . .) [T]his was our way of recognising the support that we have received both from the government of Paraguay and the JNCBVP, and of course our own government in the United Kingdom.

We are pleased that this vehicle, which was donated by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will go on to have a second life as a front line fire appliance, saving lives in Paraguay.

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    IFRA delivers 100th donation to firefighters in Paraguay

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