Inspection work in progress

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Published 10 August 2017
Last updated 16 December 2020 + show all updates

  1. 16 December 2020

    The Chief Inspector has submitted his latest Inspection report on country of origin information (El Salvador and Sudan) to the Home Secretary.

  2. 22 October 2020

    Added an update about the Intelligence Inspection

  3. 21 October 2020

    The Chief Inspector has sent his inspection report on the Home Office’s use of sanctions and penalties to the Home Secretary.

  4. 14 October 2020

    The Chief Inspector sent the Home Secretary his inspection report on the Home Office’s Country of Origin Information products relating to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression, September 2020. (13 October 2020)

  5. 18 May 2020

    The Chief Inspector submitted his inspection of the Home Office’s use of language services in the asylum process to the Home Secretary on Thursday 14 May 2020.

  6. 16 March 2020

    ICIBI work in progresss webpage updated following the submission of the Chief Inspector’s report, on the Home Office’s response to in-country clandestine arrivals (‘lorry drops’) and to irregular migrants arriving via ‘small boats’, to the Home Secretary.

  7. 24 January 2020

    Administrative reviews report has been sent to the Home Secretary.

  8. 31 October 2019

    Reflects publication of the inspection report on Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, the re-inspection report on the Right of Abode being sent to the Home Secretary and the commencement of the Sanctions and Penalties and Resettlement Schemes: VPRS, VCRS and Community Sponsorship inspections

  9. 8 October 2019

    Two reports have been sent to the Home Secretary and Disruption and prosecution of perpetrators of modern slavery has been added to the live inspections list.

  10. 18 June 2019

    Page amended to reflect reports that have been published and sent to the Home Secretary.

  11. 9 May 2019

    Updated work in progress.

  12. 4 February 2019

    An update of work in progress

  13. 31 October 2018

    The ICIBI sends his report on Home Office (Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System) collaborative working with other government departments and agencies to the Home Secretary.

  14. 27 September 2018

    Work in progress updated with new inspections.

  15. 10 August 2018

    Change to reflect sending the South Coast Ports and Asylum Accommodation reports to the Home Secretary.

  16. 13 June 2018

    New inspection “Charging for Services” added

  17. 8 May 2018

    Change to list of work in progress following publication of Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme inspection

  18. 12 April 2018

    Updated work in progress for the inspectorate.

  19. 6 March 2018

    Page updated with current work in progress

  20. 10 August 2017

    First published.

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