Introducing the latest carbon neutral certified business

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Keith Tulloch Wine is a family-owned and operated winemaker in the Hunter Valley. Founded in 1997, the business encompasses grape growing, winemaking, administration and sales.

Viticulture and winemaking are inherently linked to the land and the climate, and the Tulloch family has a deep commitment to sustainable agriculture and climate action to ensure that they can continue to produce wine long into the future. As a demonstration of this commitment the business has achieved carbon neutral certification against the National Carbon Offset Standard for its winery and vineyard operations and for its entire wine range.

As part of its emissions reduction strategy Keith Tulloch Wine has implemented a combination of technology and efficiency practices. The business has upgraded its lighting and refrigeration, and invested in solar PV— which will provide a majority of the winery’s power. The purchase of an electric forklift, which will also be charged with solar power, reduces LPG use. Changes in water use and waste disposal have also been made to improve water efficiency and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Keith Tulloch Wine has offset unavoidable emissions by investing in solar power generation in India that replaces the need for coal-fired power.

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