Labor’s carbon lies

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Minister for Energy

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Labor’s carbon lies

Joint media release
5 March 2019

Labor continues to keep its dirty secret from the Australian people on the devastating impact its 45 per cent emissions reduction target will have on our economy.

Bill Shorten continually refuses to come clean on how Labor intends to reach its reckless 2030 target.

When asked whether Labor intended to use the expected surplus of 367 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent generated during the current Kyoto Protocol period, towards meeting its targets for the 2021-2030 Paris accord decade, Bill Shorten deliberately ducked the question.

Minister for Energy Angus Taylor said the reason is obvious: Labor has no choice but to use carryover.

“Labor is trying to be clever about whether or not it is going to use that carryover”, Minister Taylor said.

“But don’t be fooled: Labor will use carryover. In fact, Labor has to use carryover. Because they know that if they don’t, the impact won’t just be a wrecking ball through the economy, it will be apocalyptic.”

Minister for the Environment Melissa Price says the Coalition has presented a clear plan to meet Australia’s international climate targets, while Labor has offered promises it won’t keep.

“Bill Shorten knows he cannot meet the reckless targets he has set without Kyoto carryover and without wrecking the economy”, Minister Price said.

“Bill Shorten has offered nothing but vague rhetoric on Labor’s reckless targets – he needs to actually explain his plan to meet them.”

Hardworking Australian families and businesses deserve the truth from Bill Shorten about how he intends to reach Labor’s economy wrecking emissions reduction target.

The Morrison Government has mapped out its plan to meet and beat Australia’s 2030 Paris target.

Our practical climate solutions package will deliver emissions reductions in a measured and sensible way. We recognise the importance of protecting the environment without taking a wrecking ball to the economy at the same time.

When Labor left office in 2013, they left us 755 million tonnes behind in getting to our Kyoto targets. This Government has turned that around by 1.1 billion tonnes, so we now have an overachievement of 367 million tonnes.

Australians should be proud of our track record in meeting our Kyoto obligations. Under a Morrison Government, they can be assured that we will continue to meet our obligations without having to slash jobs, close down industries and decrease wages.

Labor refuses to come clean on the cost of their reckless 45 per cent emissions reduction target. When will Labor finally admit to the Australian people their economy wrecking targets will slash jobs, wages and industries?

Independent modelling by BAEconomics’s Dr Brian Fisher, shows that Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target and 50 per cent renewable energy target will:

  • cost the economy $472 billion,
  • slash more than 336,000 jobs,
  • cut the average wage by over $9,000, and
  • increase wholesale electricity prices by more than 58%.

Only the Coalition can be trusted to stand up for Australian families and defend Australian jobs. We have a plan for meeting our emission reduction targets while keeping our economy strong and without hitting the pockets of hardworking Australians.

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