This week is Learning at Work Week (16 to 22 May). This Learning at Work Week, the Government Campus hosts a series of live events for civil servants to learn more about the training available from the people involved in designing and developing it. Find out more and book on them here.

The theme this year is ‘Learning Uncovered’. It encourages you wherever you work and whatever your level to uncover your talents. This is what will enable us to build A Modern Civil Service that is more skilled.

Here are 3 reasons to invest in your learning:

Good induction is more than a few introductory chats. New starters – at all levels – sometimes struggle to know, and gain, the universal skills and knowledge necessary for working effectively in government. If we are serious about giving everyone an equal chance to succeed, then we have to give them equal opportunities to do so.

What can you do?

2.You need new skills for the challenges of modern government

Along with universal knowledge and skills, we need to equip ourselves for the digital age. The basics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are essential to every role. Big data analysis and interpretation, digital capabilities, and scientific methods, are core to approaching most public policy challenges. We need to know enough about them to know when and how to seek specialist support.

At the same time, excellence in public administration will always be in demand. That means perfecting and practising skills – subjective judgement, managing people, complex trade-offs – that robots are unlikely to learn. The fact is, these things are essential for running and transforming complex systems.

As we progress through our careers, we need to acquire practical skills to achieve tangible results: managing projects, managing performance, managing people. The Government Campus is bringing clarity and accessibility to the practical knowledge and skills leaders and managers need, as they build experience through their careers through the Leadership College for Government.

What can you do?

You can develop your technical skills and support your career progression

On joining the Civil Service and throughout your career, you can join a profession and cross-government function, and move between them. You’ll have a defined ‘domain’ of skills and knowledge, and a community of practice, providing both formal and informal expertise, accreditation and ‘licence to practice’.

You’ll be supported in a clear career pathway, which will be relevant beyond government and the public sector: finance, law, economics, commercial, debt management, communications.

What can you do?

For these reasons and more, now is the time to access training for you.

This Learning at Work Week, please take the opportunity to explore the strands and join us at one of our live events. Chat with your line manager about where you think you might need or want to enhance existing skills or learn something new.

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