• Improved and upgraded flood risk management scheme for Leominster now complete

  • Reducing flood risk for nearly 400 homes and businesses

  • Improved flood warning service also introduced

The Environment Agency has completed work on the Leominster flood risk management scheme which will help to protect hundreds of homes from the devastating impact of flooding.

The improvements and upgrades are designed to protect 381 homes and businesses in The Marsh area of the town when heavy rain causes the River Lugg to flood. This Environment Agency scheme has increased the height of the existing embankment and enhanced the original flood scheme which was built in 1969.

This 820-metre scheme seeks to fully consider the future effects of climate change and is part of the Environment Agency’s commitment to ensuring all flood defences across the country are consistent in their standard of protection.

Environment Agency Area Operations Manager Anthony Perry said:

We’re pleased to complete this work in Leominster. Flooding has a devastating impact which is why protecting people and communities is our top priority.

We can already see the impacts of climate change in the UK and around the world. With this scheme we’ve upgraded and improved the existing defences to better protect communities from the future flood risk climate change will bring, greatly reducing the risk of flooding to properties most vulnerable when the River Lugg rises.

More than 250 trees are being planted as part of the work. The Environment Agency has replanted trees along the scheme and more are being planted in the town in partnership with Leominster Town Council as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy Project to mark next year’s Platinum Jubilee. The Environment Agency has also used excess soil from the works to create a new pond in the Eaton Barn Community Garden in the town.

Councillor John Stone, Herefordshire Councillor for Leominster North and Rural Ward, added:

I warmly welcome the flood alleviation scheme along the River Lugg in Leominster. The result will be increased protection from flooding for properties in The Mallards and the Ridgemoor Estate.

Flooding is occurring more frequently due to climate change and the increase to the existing embankment level will reduce the flooding risk. More trees have been planted to replace those removed during the work and a communal area created for people to enjoy. This investment to prevent flooding in Leominster is significant and I congratulate the Environment Agency on this impressive scheme.

The Environment Agency will continue its programme of routine maintenance on the scheme and will operate and maintain the flood defence to ensure the new level of protection is maintained.

As part of the improvements to the flood defences in the area the Environment Agency has refined the existing flood warning service for Leominster. Please contact the 24 hour Floodline service on 0345 988 1188 for any ongoing flood related queries or advice.

The best way to protect yourself from flooding is to know what to do in advance – download and save a simple Prepare, Act, Survive plan so you’ll know what to do when there’s a flood warning in your area.

Across the country, the Environment Agency has led projects to deliver flood schemes that see 314,000 homes are now better protected since 2015. Yet the Environment Agency is delivering more: earlier this year the Government announced a record £5.2 billion investment in flood and coastal defences to build around 2,000 new flood and coastal defences and better protect 336,000 properties by 2027.

Notes to editors

  • The town of Leominster is situated in Herefordshire adjacent to the River Lugg and lies immediately upstream of the confluence between the River Lugg and the River Arrow. Leominster is surrounded by the floodplain of the Rivers Lugg and Arrow and the Pinsley Brook.

  • The refurbishment scheme is being officially opened at the end of November, 2021.

Make sure you’re prepared for flooding this year by following these tops:

  • Prepare a bag that includes medical and insurance documents.

  • Check the latest flood situation online.

  • Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water.

  • Check your insurance to make sure you are covered for flood damage. If you rent your home, it is your responsibility to have insurance for your belongings.

  • If you are flooded, call 999 if in immediate danger and follow advice from emergency services.

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