Meet the latest product to achieve carbon neutral certification

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Powershop is the retail arm of Meridian Energy Australia (Meridian). Meridian is an energy company focused on developing new electricity projects from renewable resources.

Meridian is both a generator and retailer of electricity in Australia. As a generator, Meridian owns and operates windfarms in Victoria and South Australia. Together, these windfarms supply enough renewable electricity into the wholesale market to power 116,000 typical households. Meridian’s retail operations is conducted through Powershop.

Meridian is certified carbon neutral against the National Carbon Offset Standard for the emissions associated with the running of its corporate business and the servicing of its windfarms and Powershop’s retail electricity Australia-wide and its Victorian retail gas supply are both certified carbon neutral. Powershop and Meridian are therefore certified at both Organisation and Product levels, which ensures that emissions attributable to any operations they have in Australia are comprehensively covered.

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