Meet the newest carbon neutral network member

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Tom Moore is a South Australian based glass artist who makes glass objects and sculptures that are unconventional and whimsical.

Tom Moore is serious about dealing with the environmental impact of his art practise as climate change themes are common in his artwork. As glass art is widely understood to carry a significant carbon footprint compared with other art forms, due to the high gas usage in hot glass studios, Tom has taken on the challenge of achieving a carbon neutral art practise during his doctoral (PhD) studies. Tom will produce a limited number of carbon neutral glass objects from the period of his PhD which will be certified under the Carbon Neutral Program. Alongside this Tom will hold two carbon neutral launches for his carbon neutral one off glass pieces, including the Magic Object Exhibition in 2016, where his work was displayed during the PhD project and a further exhibition at the completion of his PhD.

Further information on Tom and his work can be found at


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