Civil news: ‘Civil Claim Fix’ service now includes case outcomes

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We have enhanced our Civil Claim Fix service to include ‘case outcomes’.

This means case outcome rejects can be added to the challenges which the Civil Claim Fix service can consider.

It is important to remember that case outcomes need to be submitted in advance of claims to ensure prompt payment.

When to make a challenge

Challenges will be considered by the Civil Claim Fix service where you believe we have:

  • rejected a civil claim incorrectly

  • rejected an ‘outcome’ incorrectly

  • asked for information already provided or not required in a ‘document request’ on a civil claim or outcome

When emailing Civil Claim Fix you need to set out your reasons clearly and include any relevant supporting evidence.

Guidance to help you

There is guidance available to help you avoid a reject or request for further information. This includes:

  1. Civil Finance electronic handbook – for information required with your claim

  2. Advanced billing guides – these are on the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) website and detail the processes to follow when submitting your claim

The billing guides include one which deals with how to report any financial award to the client.

Further information – to contact our Civil Claim Fix team

Legal aid guidance – scroll to ‘Civil Finance electronic handbook’ under ‘Other guidance’

CCMS website: closing cases and submitting bills – scroll down to ‘Advanced Billing Guides’

Published 18 December 2018

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