Civil news: tenders open for housing and debt services

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Organisations are invited to bid through e-Tendering sto deliver housing and debt services from 1 May 2019 f in a small number of geographic areas.

Where is this work available?

Housing and debt service contracts are being offered in:

About the tender

This tender is non-competitive and is being run under the 2018 Standard Civil Contract.

It is open to both current legal aid contract holders and new entrants. All organisations assessed as being suitable and as meeting the minimum service requirements will be awarded a contract.

A part-time presence or outreach arrangements will be considered if procurement areas do not attract successful bids from applicants meeting the minimum requirements in full.

Contracts will be offered for an initial period up to 30 August 2021. This is subject to the LAA’s rights of early termination and the right to extend.

Tender deadline

The tender process to procure these contracts will close at 9am on 22 March 2019.

Further information

Civil 2018 contracts tender – to find out more and download the Information For Applicants document

e-Tendering system – to submit your tender

Published 19 February 2019

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