Current unrest in Sudan: Troika statement, April 2019

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The protests in Sudan that began in December 2018 reached a new level of intensity and popular support on 6 April. They continue to grow and the demand for political change from the courageous and resilient people of Sudan is becoming ever clearer and more powerful.

The time has come for the Sudanese authorities to respond to these popular demands in a serious and credible way. The Sudanese people are demanding a transition to a political system that is inclusive and has greater legitimacy. The Sudanese authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for political transition. Failing to do so risks causing greater instability. The Sudanese leadership has a grave responsibility to avoid such an outcome.

We call on the Sudanese authorities to release all political detainees, stop the use of violence against peaceful protesters, remove all restrictions to freedoms, lift the state of emergency and allow for a credible political dialogue in a conducive environment with all key Sudanese actors that has as its basis the goal of a political and economic transition to a new type of Sudan. One where human rights, the rule of law, democracy and equal citizenship are all respected and which can bring an end to the conflicts and corruption that have plagued the country.

If the Sudanese authorities take these steps, the Troika (the United States, The United Kingdom and Norway) will support such a political process and in time could work to help resolve some of the long term economic challenges that Sudan faces.

This is a pivotal moment for the future of Sudan. The decisions the Sudanese authorities take now, in an inclusive dialogue, will have a dramatic impact on the lives of 40 million Sudanese people and the stability of the region. We urge the Sudanese authorities, as well as the opposition, to embrace their responsibilities.

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