Exceptional work recognised by Commander JFC

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A selection of dedicated and hard-working members of Joint Forces Command (JFC) have been awarded Commander JFC Commendations in recognition of their outstanding work. Joint Forces Command prides itself on the quality of its staff, a mixture of service personnel, civil servants and contractors.

This week, Commander JFC, General Sir Chris Deverell, recognised the performances of the following individuals:

  • Captain Charles Barrett
  • WO2 David Bone
  • Lieutenant Commander Michael Bray
  • WO1 Mark Burton
  • Lieutenant Jessie Casey
  • Karen Clarke
  • Stephen Dodd
  • Christine Dowling
  • Matthew Giddings
  • Joanne Gregory
  • Wing Commander Sophie Green
  • WO2 Steward Grigor-Ramsay
  • Major Andrew Horsfall
  • Peter Houghton
  • Dave Howard
  • Neil Jordison
  • Lieutenant Thomas Longstaff
  • Stephen Painter
  • Donna Rogers
  • Lieutenant Corporal Joshua Savage
  • Commander Coralie Le Tourneau
  • Paul Wileman

After presenting all the Commendation certificates, General Deverell praised the commitment from JFC’s staff:

This is my final Commendations Ceremony as Commander JFC, and it has been an absolute privilege to be able to award these commendations and recognise the contribution JFC staff make to UK Defence.

Commendations can be awarded in recognition of support to ongoing operations, engagement with communities, and acts of courage in the line of duty by an individual.

Wing Commander Sophie Green received an award for her work on delivering and producing the Defence Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Plan, which was launched at 10 Downing Street. Wing Commander Green shared:

It was an honour to lead a project so vital to so many people. It came as such a surprise to be nominated for a Commendation, it’s great recognition for what was a fundamental project for the way we approach mental health within the Defence community.

David Howard, Permanent Joint Headquarters’ (PJHQ) Policy Advisor Manager, has a career in Defence spanning over 40 years, and has demonstrated a continued commitment to delivering outstanding public service, through his support to military operations, working in Permanent Joint Headquarters since its establishment in 1996. After being presented with his commendation, David reflected on his Defence career.

To receive a Commendation is an unexpected honour, and it is humbling for my work in PJHQ to be recognised in this way. I have appreciated my time in Defence, and it has been an absolute privilege to work with so many dedicated people across so many different areas.

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