Fatal accident at Tibberton footpath crossing

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Tibberton No. 8 footpath crossing

Tibberton No. 8 footpath crossing

At around 09:55 hrs on 6 February 2019, a member of the public crossing the railway lines at Tibberton No. 8 footpath crossing near Worcester was hit by an approaching train travelling from Nottingham to Cardiff. The train was travelling at 99 mph (158 km/h) and the member of the public sustained fatal injuries.

Evidence indicates that another train travelling in the opposite direction had passed the crossing shortly before. The member of the public had been waiting at the crossing for the passage of that train. He then started to cross seemingly unaware that another train was approaching. The weather at the time of the accident was foggy.

Our investigation will encompass examination of the measures in place to control the risks associated with use of this crossing in foggy conditions, and consider the relevance of the passing of the two trains in the region of the crossing.

Our investigation is independent of any investigation by the railway industry, the British Transport Police or by the industry’s regulator, the Office of Rail and Road.

We will publish our findings, including any recommendations to improve safety, at the conclusion of our investigation. This report will be available on our website.

Published 19 February 2019

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