jHub: what we do

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This introductory video explains how the jHub model works to successfully deliver capability into the hands of the military user at pace.

jHub Defence Innovation

We connect world class technology and talent to military users

We look for market ready or near market technology. We don’t conduct scientific and technical research. We are specifically interested in building ‘MilTech’, this is cutting edge digital technology that can be adapted for military use.

Our 6 focus areas are:

  • artificial intelligence
  • autonomy
  • data analytics
  • simulation
  • behavioural sciences
  • blockchain

We fund and accelerate their pilots

If there is a good balance between user need, technological feasibility and business viability, then our target time to pilot is 30 working days.

The length of the pilot is determined by the user and supplier; the critical component is that the partnership is agile.

We take successful pilots to the JFC Innovation Board for decisions on prioritisation and funding

We have privileged access to the JFC Innovation Board, chaired by Commander JFC. For successful pilots, we ask the board to make significant delivery and funding decisions

The board meets every 3 months but can be activated out of session as required. Ultimately, an innovation will be judged a success when it delivers capability into the hands of users.

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