Our digital services help you to file online and on time

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File online, file on time.

That’s the message from Companies House, after official figures reveal nearly 50,000 company accounts were filed late during the most recent peak filing periods, September and December 2018.

To support this important message and encourage company directors to ‘file online, file on time’, we’re launching a campaign featuring a lead character – affectionately called ‘Thumbs-up Dave’.

Thumbs-up Dave

Throughout the campaign period, Dave will be giving businesses the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down depending on whether they’ve filed their accounts online and on time. He’ll also be promoting a range of digital tools that will help businesses to file their accounts online.

File online and on time with Thumbs-up Dave

Louise Smyth, Chief Executive of Companies House and The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales explains:

It has never been easier for company directors to file online and stay on top of their filing. Despite this, many businesses are still choosing to file their accounts on paper, increasing the risk of incurring a late filing penalty.

Our aim is to drive confidence in the UK economy, and help create and support an economy that boosts productivity and earning power throughout the UK. One of the ways we’re achieving this is by delivering brilliant services, making our register the most innovative, open and trusted in the world. This is why we’re urging businesses to use our digital tools to file online and file on time.

At Companies House, we offer a range of quick, simple and secure digital tools to help businesses stay on top of their filing. Online walkthroughs help guide company directors through the process of filing online, and our email reminder service tells company directors when accounts are due, to help avoid late filing penalties.

But the digital toolkit is not just to help company directors avoid late filing penalties. It actually offers much more to businesses.

If you’re a company director and you want to get the ‘thumbs-up from Dave’, head to our online filing guidance and find out more about how Dave’s toolkit can help your company.

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