PCA working with Hive IT to carry out research of Pubs Code users

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What is it about?

We are carrying out this research project to understand how to reach and communicate effectively with the full range of tied tenants covered by the Pubs Code. This includes ensuring they are fully aware of their Pubs Code rights and how to exercise them.

The PCA is looking to improve tenant communication and Code awareness , the findings from the research will address this by gathering a full range of facts and opinions from throughout the sector, especially from tied tenants of the Pub – Owning Businesses (POBs).

Hive IT will be talking directly to tied tenants, to tenant representative groups and relevant trade bodies. The research will inform an evidence-based plan and recommendations report which will be made public at the end of this project, with all information anonymised.

Why are we doing it?

As part of the PCA wider awareness and transparency strategy, this project will be crucial to develop a thorough understanding of the breadth of tenants and the barriers to information sharing that currently exist. It is about understanding the most effective ways to interact with users and where there is potential for improved communication.


User research was scheduled to begin last week, however due to the re-opening of pubs in England, we recognise landlords and tenants are likely to be focused on managing re-opening of their businesses, to support our research immediately. Therefore, we have decided to postpone it to a later date when they are likely to have more time to spare.

The project will now be paused until the end of July. At which point we will take a decision whether it is right to move on to the next stage or whether to continue the pause for a further period of time. This decision will be informed by some initial engagement which Hive IT will be conducting through a screener survey and contact with stakeholder groups. This will include collating views about the appropriate time to begin research.

How to get involved

There is an initial survey, available here, which will run during the pause in moving to the next stage of the project, allowing anyone who is interested in helping with our research to get involved, give us a bit of information about themselves and input into the best times to restart this work. Hive IT will start some of their research with those who respond to the survey but will also separately reach out to other tied tenants to make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of the tied industry’s needs.

Who is Hive IT?

Hive IT is an independent and impartial design and research agency, with extensive experience carrying out discovery projects. At the end of this project they will produce an evidence-based report with recommendations, including detailed information on how to address the needs of all users.

Discovery projects are research projects, designed to understand the problem to be solved, the actions needed to solve it, and the users of any service to address it, what they’re trying to achieve and their needs. They do this by talking to those users, and those who interact with them, using structured interviews, surveys and workshops.

You can find out more about them at www.hiveit.co.uk

Project mission statement

“By completing this research, the PCA will understand what’s important for the full range of tied tenants in their relationships with their pub company. This will provide an evidence-based plan to provide clarity on what the Pubs Code can do for them and give confidence in how the PCA can promote, ensure compliance with and enforce the Code.”

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