Acid attacker has sentence increased

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A man who sprayed ammonia in another man’s face after breaking into his home has had his sentence increased following an intervention from the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC MP, under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme.

David Hudson first confronted James Sanders three days before the break-in, grabbing him, kneeing him in the head and punching him to the ground. Later, the offender followed Mr Sanders – who was walking his dog – home and forced his way into the flat whilst holding a squeezy bottle and a Stanley knife.

When the dog bit Hudson on the ankle Mr Sanders tried to retrieve the dog, at which point the offender squirted liquid into the victim’s eye, causing irritation to his eyes and throat. Hudson was arrested at Stanstead Airport when returning from Spain, having fled there after the incident. Fortunately, the victim did not suffer lasting physical injury.

Hudson was originally sentenced to 8 years and 9 months’ imprisonment at Basildon Crown Court in March. His sentence has now been increased to 14 years’ comprising a 10 year imprisonment and a 4 year extended licence following a hearing at the Court of Appeal.

Speaking after the hearing, the Attorney General said:

“While I am relieved the victim did not suffer any permanent physical damage, the fact is that throwing a corrosive substance can cause severe and lifelong injuries. The Court of Appeal has rightly increased Hudson’s sentence to reflect this.”

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