Appeal for help in tracing Keighley river pollution

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The Environment Agency is appealing to people in Keighley for help in tracing the source of some oil pollution that is affecting a tributary of the River Worth.

Environment officers have been investigating the pollution for the past two weeks after being informed of a black oily substance visible on the water near Mariner Walk, off South Street, in the town.

They have been using absorbent pads and booms to contain the oil, reducing the impact of the pollutant and preventing it from entering the River Worth.

However the oil is continuing to enter the watercourse and investigations have so far been unable to identify where it is coming from.

Anyone with any information on how the oil is entering the river is urged to contact the Environment Agency’s hotline on 0800 807060 so it can take action to halt the pollution.

Mark West, Environment Management Team Leader at the Environment Agency said:

We’ve been successful in containing the oil in the tributary, but it is ongoing so we need to find the source as soon as possible.

The pollutant may be entering the watercourse from a leaky container, or it could be that someone is knowingly disposing of it illegally; either way, we need to find it as soon as possible. Any information the public can provide would be greatly appreciated – please call our hotline so we can investigate.

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