Product defect recall alert Clavubactin 50/12.5mg, 250/62.5mg, 500/125mg

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Clavubactin packaging

We wish to make wholesalers and veterinary surgeons aware that Le Vet Pharma has issued a recall for batches of Clavubactin 50/12.5mg (Vm 19994/4028), Clavubactin 250/62.5mg (Vm 19994/4026), Clavubactin 500/125mg (Vm 19994/4027), all distributed by Animalcare and Dechra.

During routine stability testing the above-mentioned products do not fulfil the mandatory testing requirements at 24 months. This recall is because the efficacy of the product cannot be guaranteed after 12 months. This only affects the batches mentioned below:

Product Names Batch Numbers Expiry
Clavubactin 50/12.5 mg   19D82   04-2021
    18D11   04-2020
    18G32   07-2020
Clavubactin 250/62.5 mg   19D83   04-2022
    17F46   06-2020
    17H35   08-2020
    18D13   04-2021
Clavubactin 500/125 mg   19D88   04-2022
    17C80   03-2020
    17F47   06-2020
    17H38   08-2020
    18D17   04-2021
    18D18   04-2021
    18G34   04-2022

Le Vet Pharma is contacting wholesale dealers and veterinary surgeons to examine inventory immediately and quarantine products subject to this recall.

For further information regarding the recall, please contact the relevant Distributor:

Animalcare: Sameer Hashmi:

Dechra: Tracey Smith:

Published 24 January 2020

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