Protecting Norfolk Island’s threatened plant species

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Minister for the Environment

Protecting Norfolk Island’s threatened plant species

Media release
31 August 2018

Minister for the Environment Melissa Price today announced Parks Australia’s Norfolk Island Threatened Flora Action Plan, a new 10-year planto guide protection of several of the island’s threatened plant species that are found nowhere else in the world.

“Norfolk Island has a particularly high concentration of threatened flora. Of the 53 threatened plant species identified across the six national parks managed by Parks Australia, 46 species reside on the island,” Minister Price said.

“The plan will guide the strategies to improve the trajectory of selected threatened plant species over the next decade, it will increase the island’s seed collection, propagation and planting, as well as managing threats from weeds and feral animals.

“Initially, the Action Plan will focus on increasing the numbers of Norfolk Island Nettle, Kurrajong, Phillip Island Hibiscus, Clematis and B*****d Oak – four of which are listed as critically endangered and one listed as vulnerable – as well as taking action to reduce predation and associated impacts of feral animals on at least 40 other flora and fauna species native to the Island.

“The Action Plan will fast-track propagation and rehabilitation activities on Norfolk Island with the aim of increasing the populations of other native and endemic plants listed as threatened.

“This is an important step in addressing the long-term survival of native species on Norfolk Island. It will also enhance employment opportunities for the Island’s community through seed collection and nursery propagation.”

Norfolk Island National Park Natural Resource Manager Melinda Wilson said the national park had worked with the community to protect and care for native and endemic species on Norfolk Island for more than 30 years.

“This commitment provides certainty and strategic direction for managing threatened plant species on the island into the future,” Ms Wilson said.

Of the 46 threatened plant species on Norfolk Island, 15 are critically endangered, 16 are endangered and 15 are vulnerable.

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