The United Kingdom welcomes the unanimous adoption of this resolution, which enables AMISOM to continue its vital security support to Somalia in 2021, whilst creating the space for a constructive conversation between all partners about the shape of a future mission.

The longstanding deadline at the end of 2021 for the Somali authorities to take on greater security responsibility from AMISOM represents an important step forward in our shared objective to build long-term security and stability in Somalia. It is an opportunity to recognise the success which AMISOM has had in helping to rebuild Somali capacity, whilst acknowledging the continued need for the African Union to provide security support.

The United Kingdom thanks Security Council members for their engagement on this resolution, which is a product of extensive consultation with all members of the Council, Somalia and the African Union. On the central issues, the resolution is balanced, takes into account a wide range of views and reflects consensus. It sets out a timeframe for the next ten months to build on existing efforts towards achieving security transition objectives, including the development of a revised Somali Transition Plan and the publication of the United Nations-led Independent Assessment on future support to Somali security. In addition, it clearly outlines what more is required, including the importance of a clear steer from the African Union on its objectives for a future mission.

Our role as penholder is to consult and to bridge gaps where they appear in order to achieve consensus. We consulted widely and inclusively while drafting the resolution and throughout the four-week negotiating process. We acknowledge that the issue of United Nations assessed contributions has proven challenging to find consensus on. We emphasise that the resolution does not rule anything out and creates time and space for all Council members to continue discussing this issue.

Somalia is, as we all know, at a critical juncture. For fourteen years, AMISOM has played a central role in enabling peace and security in Somalia. We commend the brave troops and police of AMISOM for their work. Today, the Security Council has come together to adopt a resolution which sends a strong signal of support to Somalia.

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Resolution enables AMISOM continue vital security support to Somalia

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