Situation in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova: UK statement

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I’d like to thank the Republic of Moldova for drawing the Council’s attention to the important issues mentioned in its statement to the Council.

The United Kingdom regrets the fact that since March this year the de facto authorities in Tiraspol have established and maintained additional check-points in the Security Zone. These check-points were set up without respect for agreed procedures for regulating activity in the Security Zone which should always be managed through the Joint Control Commission (JCC). The United Kingdom repeats its call to the de facto authorities to remove these checkpoints and to work at all times through the JCC on all matters of security in the Security Zone.

The United Kingdom is aware of a growing number of credible reports of abuse of human rights in Transnistria in recent months, including in the areas of freedom of expression, freedom of movement and the rights of detainees. We call on the de facto authorities in Tiraspol to consider their actions and their de facto responsibilities, and to actively work to prevent any further abuse of individuals’ human rights in the territory under their de facto control.

The UK supports a peaceful, comprehensive and lasting settlement of the Transnistrian conflict on the basis of recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, within its internationally recognized borders, and with a special status for Transnistria. We support the settlement process negotiations in the 5+2 format as well as meetings in the 1+ 1 format and in the Working Groups.

Thank you Chair.

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