Melanie Hopkins welcomes back 2017/2018 Fijian Chevening scholars

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Bula vinaka Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s a pleasure to have you all here today despite your busy schedules.

This year, we are celebrating Chevening’s 35th Anniversary which was launched 11th October, 2017.

Like every year, we take time to catch up with the Chevening alumni and this enables scholars to also build their network.

Applications for Chevening scholarships will open again in August and we encourage you to look out for potential leaders who can excel academically and benefit from studying in the UK.

British Universities as you all know, are profoundly international, reflecting our belief that knowledge knows no boundaries and that diversity has inherent educational value. The program has a global alumni network of more than 50,000 exceptional individuals who are breaking boundaries across a variety of professional fields.

In the 35 years, Chevening has remained constant; to bring the brightest individuals from across the world to the UK to experience all that the UK has to offer. These individuals immerse themselves in our culture and learn at world class universities and institution, making life-long friendships with their peers in the UK.

Today, we celebrate your achievements and we are here to let you know how proud we are.

I will be presenting certificates to Doctor Lusiana Manoa, who has been recognised and awarded a joint award for the Brian Abel-Smith prize for outstanding overall performance in the MSc in International Health Policy and to Dr Mike Kama who studied MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases.

I would like to wish you all the very best in your areas of expertise.

Thank you.

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