Statement from The Hon Melissa Price MP

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Minister for the Environment

Statement from The Hon Melissa Price MP

Media release
27 August 2018

It is an honour to be appointed to Cabinet as the Minister for Environment in the Morrison Government.

I look forward to serving the Prime Minister as part of the ministry, and we are united in our resolve to deliver the standard of Government that Australians expect and deserve.

In my role as the Assistant Minister, my responsibilities included reviewing our national waste management strategy, preserving Australia’s biodiversity and delivering targets under the Threatened Species Strategy, and overseeing the transition to new management plans for our world-leading marine reserves.

I am proud of the work achieved during my tenure as the Assistant Minister, particularly in setting ambitious national targets to reduce Australia’s waste and encourage industry to transition to more sustainable practices.

It is a great privilege to take full responsibility for this portfolio and I welcome the opportunity to continue the Government’s work in delivering a cleaner future for Australia.

The restoration of Environment as a stand-alone ministry will allow me to focus solely on delivering better outcomes for Australia’s unique natural assets and preserving our country for future generations.

I also represent an incredibly diverse regional electorate that covers roughly half of Western Australia, where some 20 per cent of all threatened species in Australia are found.

My appointment also marks the first time a woman from regional Western Australia has served in the Cabinet, an achievement that I am both proud and deeply humbled to acknowledge.

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