Many of us will be buying new items for the summer holidays including phone chargers, sunglasses and immersion heaters to heat up our paddling pools. Buying a bargain is tempting but it is important to get a safe product. If a bargain product seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Many so-called bargains are harmful and could cause injuries that can be severe. Bargain electrical goods, such as pool immersion heaters and phone chargers, may not be manufactured to high standards and can overheat, catch fire or cause electrocution.

Poor quality sunglasses may only offer low or no protection from the sun’s rays.

OPSS has produced these top tips (below) to help keep consumers safe when buying summer items.

Compare the product price

If it is a fraction of the price, then this could be a warning sign that the product is unsafe.

Check the address on the product

If there is no address or just a PO box number, it could mean it is poorly manufactured.

Examine the product

Are the label and logo correct? Genuine branded products will have standardised logos, fonts, and colours. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can also be a warning sign the product is poorly manufactured.

Electrical goods that are poorly manufactured may be missing parts or not have safety certification on the product label. Check for product registration cards and the manual.

Check if model numbers are listed on the manufacturer’s website.

If in doubt, check it out.

Just because you can buy it, does not mean it is safe. Read our guidance in full.

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