The Regulatory Policy Committee assesses the quality of evidence and analysis used to inform regulatory proposals. It is an independent body sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Mr. Gibson’s appointment follows an open competition. He has been Interim Chair since December 2019 and a member of the committee since May 2018.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said:

The UK is recognised worldwide as a great place to do business and further strengthening this reputation means keeping an eagle-eye on effective regulation.

That’s why I’m pleased to appoint Stephen to this role, who brings a wealth of experience, energy and expertise to scrutinising the evidence and analysis underpinning regulatory decisions.

Minister for Better Regulation Lord Callanan said:

The Regulatory Policy Committee offers important advice and scrutiny to government on regulatory change, ensuring we can effectively deliver policy while keeping the burdens on business to a minimum.

I am pleased to see Stephen appointed as chair. As an existing committee member, and recently as interim chair, he brings the vital experience and continuity the RPC needs to take forward its work in these exceptional times. I look forward to continuing to work with him on this important agenda.

Chair of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Stephen Gibson said:

I am honoured to be appointed Chair of the independent Regulatory Policy Committee. This is a particularly important time for the RPC as the government is planning a review of the Better Regulation Framework and the role that independent scrutiny plays in it.

I look forward to helping to ensure that all new UK regulations are supported by robust evidence and analysis so that they are as effective as possible. I aim to promote transparency and accountability in the independent scrutiny process to provide stakeholders with confidence in the regulatory decision-making process and to ensure that regulations properly take account of the costs to businesses, particularly small and micro businesses.

On behalf of external stakeholders, Stephen Phipson CBE, CEO, Make UK said:

Make UK welcomes the appointment of Stephen Gibson as the new chair of the Regulatory Policy Committee whose years of experience will be invaluable for its future work. Recent months have seen rapid and dramatic change with the introduction of a raft of regulatory measures implemented as a matter of emergency.

The manufacturing sector, which has been and will continue to be heavily impacted by regulations and policies around the TCA, Covid, and Net Zero, will ensure that the RPC has the necessary evidence to understand the needs of Britain’s manufacturers for its input into the upcoming Business Impacts Target review.

And James Martin, Director of Policy, British Chambers of Commerce added:

The role of the RPC is essential in ensuring that regulatory proposals are subject to rigorous analysis and quality assurance. BCC research has consistently shown over the years that the administrative burden falls disproportionately on smaller firms, and as the UK emerges from the COVID-19 economic crisis, it is essential these firms are given the space to recover and grow, so adequate scrutiny of regulation is crucial.

Mr Gibson has over 25 years’ experience as a professional economist across a range of regulated sectors including post, water, ports, rail, aviation, energy, broadcasting, advertising and telecoms, working as a consultant and from both sides of the regulatory fence. In 2011 he set up SLG Economics, a consultancy providing expert regulatory and competition economics advice to regulators, regulated companies and consumer bodies.

Mr Gibson has been a Member and Interim Chair of the Regulatory Policy Committee and Director of SLG Economics. He is also a Member of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Senior Advisory Board advising on the regulatory framework for Heathrow and NATS and is on the expert panel for ICCAN (the Independent Committee on Civil Aviation Noise). He also lectures in economics at Birkbeck University. Stephen’s previous roles include: Chief Economist at Postcomm, Interim Chief Economist at Ofwat, Principal Economist at Ofcom and Deputy Chair of Bowel Cancer UK.

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    Stephen Gibson appointed as RPC chair for the next 3 years

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