The Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC) produces daily forecasts that help emergency responders prepare for flooding.

The best way to measure whether that advice is useful and valued is to ask the people who use it themselves. That’s why, every 2 years, the FFC invites its customers to take part in the Emergency Responder Survey.

Positive results

In the 2019 survey:

  • 92% of responders they were satisfied with the daily Flood Guidance Statements (FGS) issued by the FFC – with 47% being very satisfied
  • 91% responders were satisfied with the service provided by the FFC – which is the highest since the survey began.

The satisfaction levels with the FFC have been rising every year, with a score of:

  • 88% in 2013
  • 89% in 2015
  • 90% in 2017

Flood Guidance Statements

Every day, the FFC issues the FGS. The FGS illustrates the risk of flooding and where it might occur. Emergency responders such as the police and fire service use the information to prepare.

The last major redesign of the FGS was introduced in 2017 after an extensive review of user needs. This led to the introduction of some new features as well as more clarity in the way information was presented.

The survey found that the redesign has been effective, with:

  • 75% of responders saying that the FGS is easy to use
  • 85% of responders stating that the FGS gives enough time to act on all or most occasions

The survey gives some insights into what types of response might be triggered by the FGS. The most common are to:

  • monitor the weather and flooding situation
  • place resources on standby
  • put plans into action

Constant improvement

The survey provides invaluable feedback on how FFC services can be enhanced. In 2019 the results showed that:

  • two-thirds of responders were interested in receiving training on how to use the FGS
  • responders who have regular contact with the FFC are more likely to be very satisfied

Since the survey the FFC has acted on this information by:

  • improving the training available
  • engaging with customers more consistently

Looking forward

The FFC is now preparing for the 2022 responder survey, which has been postponed from 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As in 2019, the survey will track satisfaction with the FGS and the FFC. It will also include new questions to find out about:

  • the new Hazard Manager service
  • how confident responders are using our forecasts – and why they might find using the information difficult
  • how many responders know and use or new website and training materials

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