The PCA publishes more arbitration awards and introduces award summaries

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The Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) has published more arbitration awards and is introducing award summaries, which may be published instead of the full award in some circumstances. The PCA has increased its resource to help with the timely publication of arbitration awards, including those made by alternative arbitrators appointed by the PCA.

You can find the latest awards and award summary published by the PCA here.

Generally, arbitration awards are confidential, and consent is needed from the tenant and pub company before the PCA can publish an award. The parties also have the opportunity to identify information which they do not wish to be published. The PCA must act in accordance with relevant data protection principles when preparing awards for publication. This can take time to achieve.

Fiona Dickie said: “I am pleased to be able to publish more arbitration awards for the benefit of the industry and tied tenants in particular. With increased support, I expect to be able to publish even more arbitration awards and to do so much sooner. I remain committed to the publication of awards in the interests of transparency. On occasions summaries may be published instead of the full award, including where it is no longer practical to seek consent, such as for early awards. This is an important move to further the PCA’s work in achieving greater openness and information for the industry.”

For more information, see the updated Publishing Pubs Code awards policy here.


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