Code of Practice


All users are expect to follow Code of Practice.


-Submitted news releases should adhere to our general style guide.

-When adding content to existing news releases, please attempt to limit your contribution to approx 200 words.

-Images can be added to existing news releases, but users are not permitted to change the existing featured image (story thumbnail). A request can be made to the Editors to change the featured image if you feel it’s more relevant.

-Do not delete any part of an existing press release or change the wording that others have used in any release. The goal is to add balance to existing news releases, not to change what others are saying.

-Once you have made an edit or submitted an article you are encouraged to share this on your own social media channels.

-All accounts must have a profile image, either a company logo, or an image of the individual. As much as possible, the profile image should reflect the person posting of their direct employer.

-All content must constitute the contributors own work, or the work of the company they represent. Users take full responsibility for ensuring they have the rights to publish all data and content they submit to the site.

-Abusive and libellous content is not tolerated. All users should be respectful at all times. The point is collaboration not conflict.

-Linking to sources is encouraged, but attempt to link to primary sources wherever possible. Users are responsible all content that can be reached from hyperlinks.

-Users should not submit directly or provide links to any prohibited, illegal or otherwise offensive content.

-All users should follow the CIPR code of practice.

-Users take full responsibility and risk when publishing information to or communicating with users and third parties via any medium or forum.

-Any and all responsibility for any data submitted or content published by the website is borne by the person submitting it. shall not be responsible for and assumes no liability for any infringements, mistakes, defamation, slander, libel, omissions, falsehood, obscenity, or profanity in any form of content contained in data submitted to it’s online communications by any person other than itself.

-If you believe that any of the above have been broken, contact the editorial staff requesting review and removal of the content in question.

-The opinions and content shared on do not neccessarily represent the opinions or beliefs of, and are not endorsed by the Editor or staff of

-Do not email news releases to the editors or add editors to email distribution lists. News releases should be submitted by the users themselves whenever possible.

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