UK supports Media Freedom in Honduras

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The seminar, “Reporting on Human Rights” aimed to give a comprehensive understanding of the topic and face the challenges that threaten the scope of Human Rights.

Two journalists from the Thomson Reuters Foundation delivered the workshop; they shared their knowledge with journalists through practical activities and focused on the production of high impact reporting. The workshop was an opportunity for journalists to acquire new tools, expand their knowledge on international conventions and protocols and work on reports with the guidance of experienced journalists.

The journalists also addressed the role of the media and the sensitization of public opinion, vulnerability reduction and government accountability. In addition, elements were discussed to overcome the preconceptions that reporters themselves have about human rights. Moreover, aspects regarding journalist’s security were also addressed; as they might find themselves threaten by reporting on high impact stories.

In November 2018, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office launched the Media Freedom Global Campaign with two main objectives: to shine a global spotlight on the issue of media freedom and to increase the costs to those who attempt to restrict it.

This workshop is part of the UK’s global campaign to support Media Freedom in Honduras, sharing best practices and working together on this agenda.

Eduardo Smith, spokesperson of the British Embassy for Honduras, said:

Without any doubt, where journalists and media are free to do their job, societies are more prosperous and resilient. The liberty to share opinions and information allows communities to identify and pursue opportunities and identify issues that must be addressed.

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