The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has launched its new Tidal API platform, with expanded coverage for the coastlines of the British Isles and the Republic Ireland, as well as new tidal data information to support mariners in British and Irish waters.

Following extensive research and development by UKHO, Tidal API is a modernised version of UK Tidal API. This service is the UK’s largest authoritative source of tidal height predictions for standard and secondary tidal level stations, using the most accurate and reliable data to provide tidal predictions to small chart users.

The new offering includes tidal data for the Republic of Ireland, in addition to UK waters, as well as the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Tidal API also provides users with the ability to acquire tidal stream information and tidal heigh graphs.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Hampshire, Product Manager at UKHO, said:

Tidal API is a significant step forward from its UK-only predecessor, offering wider geographic coverage that includes the Republic of Ireland, as well as new tidal stream data to provide a richer understanding of tidal conditions. We have listened to feedback from customers and are confident that Tidal API will provide a much-enhanced service that ensures app developers and small craft users have access to the tidal data they require.

In line with UKHO’s wider move to enhance its tidal product portfolio, Tidal API complements the ADMIRALTY EasyTide platform, which has been designed to provide free access to seven-days’ tidal predictions for more than 600 UK port locations. UKHO also encourages customers to explore ADMIRALTY Tidal Prediction Service, ADMIRALTY TotalTide, Tidal Stream Events, and its stock of Leisure Charts.

The launch of Tidal API reinforces UKHO’s capabilities of supporting the maritime community, embodying its values of ensuring the safety of life at sea (SOLAS) with safe and seamless navigational data and tools.

To learn more about the Tidal API please visit the ADMIRALTY website.

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    UKHO launches Tidal API platform with expanded coverage for British and Irish waters

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